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Haneda (HND) is one of Tokyo two major international airports. It is much closer to downtown Tokyo than Narita (NRT) and has a growing list of airlines and destinations.

Getting in and out

HND is located approximately 17km from Tokyo city centre. Depending on the form of transport you choose your journey will range from 20-30 minutes.

Taxi & rideshare

Taxi's can be booked in advance or upon arrival to Haneda. Fare rates are calculated at approximately $3-4 USD for the first 1.025km. After this per km the charge is $0.73. Rideshare such as Uber can be ordered legally (likely to be less expensive).


Public transit

There are many forms of travel within Tokyo City from Haneda. One of the quickest and cheapest being by train or monorail. Take the Tokyo monorail connecting you to almost all lines within the city. By getting into central Tokyo you can then connect to a "Shinkansen" (bullet train) to take you further afield. Ticket prices range from 120-220ยฅ. However if you plan on visiting for 1-3 weeks, purchasing a Japan Rail Pass would be the most effective idea.

If you are not interested in traveling by monorail you are able to travel by bus, rideshare or taxi to your destination.

Parking & rental cars

Haneda hosts a very generous sized carpark with over 3,000 spots available. (Open 24/7).
Parking reservations are best handled online through the official site: https://pk-reserve.haneda-airport.jp/airport/en/entrance/0000.jsf. You are able to reserve a variety of types of parking spaces from normal to disabled and private.

Fees are dependant on your length of stay at Haneda airport and determined by type of vehicle (eg car, motorbike or larger vehicle). For regular vehicles your first 7 hours you are charged ยฅ150/30 minutes. Periods longer than 72 hours, prices are capped at ยฅ1,530 per day (approx. $14 USD).

For an effortless move from arrivals on floor 2F straight ahead of the entry there will be various stands for Taxi and Bus, at the end of the hallway will be the parking entrance.


Getting around

You'll find 2 terminals at Haneda Airport. Terminal 1 is best known for International travel whereas Terminal 2 is highly used for Domestic travel.
Getting around Haneda is made simple. Ride the monorail taking you between terminals. This monorail is free for those transferring from domestic to international.


Choice is abundant between 44 different food and beverage establishments. Food is scattered around the airport (restaurants, convenience stores, cafes etc).

Depending on where you are in the airport there will be different options. Take a look at the airport directory to find the food that suits your taste!


There is free wifi throughout Terminals 1 and 2. Also at different stores within the airport. You will need to connect to "HANEDA-FREE-WIFI".

For those needing a higher level of security you can opt in to a paid wifi service.

Local SIM

There are a variety of options regarding SIM cards and prepaid plans in Haneda airport. You can prepay for one prior to arrival and then just pick it up from arrivals. Other than this here are some other options!

1. SIM Card Vending Machine
Located on the second floor of the international terminal. Here you will find a plethora of types to suit your needs.

2. Convenience Store
Any FamilyMart within the airport and pick up your sim from just outside the shop on a stand. There are many of these stores scattered throughout Haneda.

3. Pocket WiFi devices
Purchase these from a Wireless Internet Carrier store either on level 2 arrivals or level 3 departures. Here you can pay for data or data and voice packages. Ranging from 2GB to unlimited wifi for a certain length of time. This is an alternative to a Sim Card pathway.

Cash & ATMs

You'll easily find ATM accepting every major credits cards at HND airport. Changing money at the airport, altought usually simple, is almost always a bad deal. If you plan on changing a sizable sum, it's really worth using TransferWise to save on the exchange rate and fees.

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Exploring Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital and hotspot of Japan. Not only can you experience the modern vibe of a bustling city. but you will never be far from immersing yourself in some of Japan's history. From Tokyo popular destinations to travel to include: Kyoto, Osaka and Nara.


Inside the Haneda airport international terminal on floor 3 you will find the Royal Park Hotel. Perfect for long layovers.
You'll find plenty of luxury or budget options on Airbnb.

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